Mind TKO
By Dr. Saint James

What is a Life Coach?

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of English Language, 5th Edition, a life coach is “A person who counsels or motivates others in the achievement of personal objectives such as choosing or changing careers, improving relationships, setting goals, and determining priorities”. And that is exactly what I do; I assist others with redefining who they are as they transition to a better job that they love, bring them closer to the ones they care about, help them achieve goals, and help them change the way they think about life in a more productive manner.

How is a Prosperity Coach Different from a Regular Coach?

“Prosperity” is the act of being successful. Whereas a standard coach may focus on hitting on a few of your goals, a prosperity coach wants to change your life and get you to obtain the level of success you deserve. A prosperity coach wants you to be wealthy; a prosperity coach wants you living your dream life with the job you’ve always wanted. That’s why if you’re serious about a total life transformation you need someone like me to show you the way.

Can Anyone be a Life Coach?

Anyone can say that they are a life coach, but true coaches are certified by an accredited school. True coaching requires a degree of training and skill that can’t be learned in a day or just by “winging in”. There is a rigorous training process before one becomes a certified coach. Before hiring a coach you need to review their credentials. Would you take your car to an unaccredited mechanic to fix it? Then why do the same with your life? Lucky for you I am the best NLP Certified Life Coach in Dallas and I am ready to help you today!

Are Coaches "One Size Fits All"

There is a certain degree of chemistry that has to mesh in order for a successful coach-client relationship to happen. That said, a successful coach will be able to adapt to any situation or client and bring out the best in them. My programs and techniques have already helped hundreds of people achieve better financial freedom and happiness and I know they will work for you as well!

What is NLP/Neuro-Liguistic Programming?

According to NLP University, Neuro-Linguistic Programming was first developed in 1975 by linguist John Grinder and mathematician Richard Bandler. NLP is a process of changing behaviors and thought processes to reprogram the brain. An example of this is my 90-Day Overhaul™ system which shows you why you aren’t living the best life you can and helps you reprogram your mind to change your thoughts and believes about money to achieve a richer more fulfilling life.

Why Should I Use a Coach?

People have used coaches for different reasons. Some people use coaches to find love; others use a coach to overcome depression; some coaches help clients lose weight. There are many different types of coaches. Despite this, all coaches are trying to achieve one thing: happiness for you. I have been involved in many different areas of finance and time after time my clients say the one thing they wish they had was a way to be wealthier. That’s why I have dedicated myself to providing tools and programs so that others may earn more money and achieve a more abundant life for themselves and the ones they care about.

Is Coaching the same thing as Therapy?

Using a coach may be therapeutic it is not therapy. A therapist is used to overcome childhood or recent psychological traumas that may have caused mental illness. Coaching, on the other hand, is about finding what changes you can make to live a happier life. My programs specifically find the speed bumps on your road to a wealthier life which are almost always caused by old sayings and beliefs about money. By getting you past your limiting beliefs about wealth I can get you to the life of prosperity you’ve always wanted!

How Long Does Coaching Take?

That is a common but tricky question as everyone has different needs. Some clients only need a handful of sessions, whereas other clients may set up indefinite weekly sessions to keep them on track. It truly depends on how motivated you are to becoming a wealthier happier you. That is why in addition to my coaching and speaking services I also offer the 90-Day Overhaul™ to allow you to achieve more wealth in a matter of three months.

What is a Limiting Belief?

Limiting beliefs are thoughts and attitudes that keep us from achieving our goals. Most limiting beliefs are common and have been ingrained in our mind our entire lives. By finding what limiting beliefs you have stuck in your mind I can help you overcome these roadblocks you’ll become more confident. Once you achieve a higher level of confidence it’s easy to start earning more money and obtaining and keeping wealth.