Mind TKO
By Dr. Saint James

We all had and have dreams for ourselves. As Americans, we are taught from an early age that we can accomplish anything, be anything, do anything, as long as we work hard enough for it. But what about for those of us it didn’t pan out that way? I like to think that we all have that potential locked inside of each of us.

So maybe you didn’t get the promotion. Maybe that marriage (or two, or three) didn’t pan out. Perhaps some investments didn’t go the way we planned. Or an illness set you back. You had goals, and drive, and somewhere along the way, it just didn’t happen. Whatever it was for you, right now, it feels unattainable. Your thirties have passed you by, and your twenties feel like a distant memory. The present is, at best, dissatisfying, or at worst, painful. If this sound familiar, you’re not alone, and better yet, there’s help.

“Late bloomers” isn’t a new phenomenon. You’ve probably heard of how Einstein was thought to be practically developmentally delayed before displaying his genius to the world, but this term doesn’t just apply to children or adolescents. Plenty of adults just like you have woken up to find their lives just aren’t where they thought they’d be, and want to change. Are you ready to change?

Let’s get fucking real. Change can hurt, but it’s necessary to transform into something better. If you’re afraid of changing, you’re going to keep repeating those same troublesome patterns of behavior that have kept you stuck where you are. It’s time to break free. I will give you the tools to change your beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of. Changing your mindset will change your life, and I intend to help you develop the tools you need to get there. If you’re ready, come join me. 


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